Telephones are vital these days. They keep us connected to the world and our friends no matter what we are doing. However, there may be times when we simply can’t take phone calls, and yet don’t want to miss out on important calls. The “Do Not Disturb” feature allows you to avoid missing any important calls, without having it ring and interrupt what you are doing.  What are the situations where you might find using the Do Not Disturb option the most helpful?  The following are ten ways that you can best benefit from the feature, that you might not have considered.

  1. To Finish A Work Project. Faced with a deadline at work? Setting the Do Not Disturb for a few hours, and letting calls go to your voice mail, can let you concentrate on what you need to finish.
  2. Sleep. If you work unusual hours when others are not awake, not having the telephone wake you up is definitely a blessing. You can still get a message to call the person back later after you are up.
  3. Doing House Chores. Getting calls when you are doing dishes can be very annoying and inconvenient.  Plus you don’t need to pick up your phone when your hands are covered in soap. For the few minutes you enjoy just taking care of your chore without interruptions.
  4. When Driving. A blue tooth can let you take calls while driving, but what if you don’t want any distraction?  If you are going on a short trip and know the traffic is bad then this feature on your cell phone can help you avoid any distractions.
  5. Gym Times. Who needs calls when on the treadmill? For the thirty minutes or an hour that you are working out, whoever is calling can just leave a message, and you can return the call when you are done.
  6. Church. There is nothing that bothers some people more than to hear a cell phone go off during the sermon. When you want to listen to something inspirational, and don’t want to disturb others around you, set your cell to do not disturb.
  7. Theaters. Being at the movies is not a time you want a new release ruined by a cell phone call. That is time to escape and enjoy life a little with the cinema, and for those few minutes the calls can wait.
  8. Hobbies. If you have a special hobby you love to do in your spare time those few minutes can be rare and precious. Being in the garage working on some craft or restoring something can be demanding. It is hard when your hands are covered in some chemicals or residue to have to stop and answer the phone.
  9. On An Amusement Park Ride. Being on a roller coaster is not an occasion you want  to talk on the cell phone. For that short time, your friends can leave messages.
  10. Concerts. If music is loud enough you might not be able to hear the call anyway. If it can be heard, the other concert goers won’t appreciate hearing it ring. It would be much better to simply not take the calls until after the concert.

We can enjoy all the benefits of our cell phones and telephones without letting them become a burden, by using just a little creativity and using the Do Not Disturb option. It lets you keep up on messages during the times when you just can’t afford to answer the phone.

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