Often we consider the faithful 911 as the only emergency number we need, however when in an emergency we are prone to panic and forget everything we know.  Therefore by the phone or on the refrigerator there should be a list similar to this.

  1. My children’s/parent’s home numbers
  2. The Fire Department
  3. The Electrical Company
  4. A trusted neighbor
  5. My pastor/minister
  6. My Doctor’s number or the Doctor’s exchange
  7. My spouse’s work number
  8. Cell phones of my children/or parents
  9. Veterinarian (the pet’s Doctor)
  10. In case of an emergency – call this…………………number.

Naturally your list will vary and the order I have listed these is not in priority order.  It may take a few minutes to stop and think, and even memorize a few of these numbers if not all.  You will agree that beside the road when the car breaks down our brain goes to lunch and recalling a number is not easy.  Having an emergency list in your pocket, billfold, or purse will come in handy when it is needed most.

Cell phones have saved the day for me, by having so many numbers stored, however for a neighbor who has rushed in to help during a crisis, they need something readable and a phone easy to use, meaning a land line.  And a list by the phone or on the refrigerator will aid in getting word to family or other emergency helpers.

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