You don’t have to be a professional orator or actor to disguise your voice over the phone. Using a few items around the house and your own creativity, you can disguise your voice to sound like a completely different person when telemarketers, wrong number dialers or pranksters call. With a little practice and confidence, you can stop unwanted calls and have a lot of fun doing so. Here are 10 ways to disguise your voice on the phone:

  1. Use a foreign accent: One of the best ways to disguise your voice on the phone is to speak in a foreign language. In order to carry on a full conversation without breaking the accent or cracking up, you’ll need to practice this exercise. If you can’t master one particular accent, just pretend that you can’t speak English very well by stumbling over common words, and they’ll get the picture. Even learning a couple words from another language can disguise your voice in a short phone conversation.
  2. Hold your nose while you speak: To get a nasally sound that’s sure to disguise your real voice, try holding your nose while you speak into the phone. Plugging your nose will alter the sound of consonants and make you sound like a northerner.
  3. Change the pitch of your voice: Disguise your voice by changing the pitch to speak higher or lower than normal. For the ultimate challenge, try to sound like the opposite sex. Men can pretend to be a lady by talking in high-pitched voice by holding their head up and speaking with the upper part of their throat. Women can fake a male’s deep voice by lowering their chin to their chest and speaking with the lower portion of their throat.
  4. Pretend like you have a cold: Just like you used to sniffle your way out of going to school, you can do the same to get off of the phone. Pretending to have a cold is an easy and believable voice disguise with so many options. You can sneeze, sniffle and cough in the phone, or blow your nose into a handkerchief for the ultimate gross-out effect.
  5. Muffle the sound of your voice: You can muffle the sound of your voice using just about anything on the receiver. For example, a towel, handkerchief or t-shirt can muffle the sound of your voice without muting you completely. Once the receiver is covered with a buffer, you might want to whisper or talk differently to make sure your voice is disguised.
  6. Use a voice changer toy: A voice changer toy is a gadget that distorts your voice to sound different, much like a chipmunk or robot. Think Kevin McCallister’s Talkboy recorder from “Home Alone 2,” or the voice changer from the movie “Scream.” This toy makes it easy to disguise your voice and gender because you can talk normally and it will distort your voice on the other end.
  7. Eat on the phone: Chew your way off the phone by crunching, slurping or chomping into the receiver to disguise your real voice. You might want to keep gum, candy or crunchy snacks on hand for this ultimate voice disguise.
  8. Do something loud while on the phone: Run the vacuum cleaner, bang your dishes around, get your dog to bark and pretty much be as LOUD as you can be to disguise your voice on the phone. Another trick is to take a crumpled candy wrapper and rub it into the receiver to create a static-like sound.
  9. Hold your mouth in a different position: A surefire way to disguise your voice is to hold your mouth in a different position when speaking into the phone. You can change up your voice by talking from the side of your mouth, clenching your teeth while you talk or speak with your mouth slightly more open or closed than normal.
  10. Pretend to have a speech impediment: Pretending to have a speech impediment, such as a lisp, stutter or an articulation problem, is a guaranteed way to disguise your voice. Along with faking a foreign accent, pretending to have a speech disorder requires some practice and confidence to make it through a full conversation without slipping up.

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